We care about our environment just as much as any sensible person would.  So in an effort to shift our company to a cleaner, leaner, more efficient, and sustainable direction we have launched our ECOllection.  These products will either be the sole categorical option from our company or an eco-alternative to what we already sell.  In other words, if we sell you a plastic cup, we will offer a paper one as well.  If we add a tote bag to our line, we will ONLY offer a cotton option vs. a nylon option.

You will see this logo next to our products that have been reviewed and found to be the eco-option or by clicking on the logo it will direct you to the eco-alternative.

Hopefully this will help you make a buying decision where you can leave as small of a footprint as possible, or at least we can sleep better knowing that you are a butt face and chose to pollute the planet....with our products.

"All great change in America begins at the dinner table." 

-Ronald Reagan

Do what you can, how you can, as often as you can.



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